Buy up to $250 in crypto without KYC

Sqrl is the most widely used wallet for the Telos blockchain that allows you to securely and seamlessly manage your accounts on popular EOSIO-based chains. You can easily purchase up to $250 in Bitcoin, EOS, or Telos without KYC, or up to $2500 per day with KYC.

An all-in-one multi purpose wallet

Blockchain technology is revolutionary. It promises to liberate us from the strongholds of fiat and governments through decentralization, censorship resistance, and financial freedom. But blockchain can be hard to use. That's why we created Sqrl, an easy to use all-in-one wallet designed for the Telos blockchain with support for most popular EOSIO-based blockchains.

Full wallet management

Managing your account is extremely simple using Sqrl. Send and receive native or custom tokens, "stake" your tokens for security and participating in governance, and view your account balances in a unified interface.

Buy tokens with a credit card

Historically, buying and selling cryptocurrency has always been a hassle. That's why Sqrl allows you to purchase tokens with your credit or debit card directly within your wallet and receive your tokens within a matter of seconds. You may purchase up to $250.00 per day without KYC verification, or up to $2,500.00 per day after being KYC verified.

Withdraw via Wire or ACH

To complement purchasing tokens with a credit card, Sqrl also allows you to sell your tokens and withdraw to your bank account using wire transfers or ACH. (Coming soon)

Easily Swap Tokens

Using a feature called "Atomic Swaps", you can easily exchange one token for another directly within Sqrl. For example, you can quickly exchange BTC for TLOS with just a few clicks. (Coming soon)

How to create a free Telos account and add funds to your account within a matter of minutes

Highly Secure. Built for Governance.

Sqrl is the #1 most trusted wallet for the Telos blockchain and comes with powerful governance functionality built-in.

Vote for Producers

Use the power of your voting weight by voting for up to 30 block producers or delegating to a proxy

Worker Proposals

You can easily submit worker proposals or vote on existing proposals on the Telos blockchain

Arbitration Elections

Participate in electing arbitrators for the Telos blockchain network using Sqrl's arbitration voting interface

Live Support

We provide live support to users via our @SqrlWallet Telegram account. Visit

Ratify Governance

Using a chain-layer voting service, called Trail, you can easily participate in all ratification proposals

Multiple Chains

We pioneered multi-chain support for EOSIO-based blockchains and allow you to manage an unlimited number of accounts across chains

  • “If you want to take advantage of all the features of Telos, you really want to get Sqrl wallet. With Sqrl you can go from voting to earning REX rewards to signing for a dapp to swapping tokens - all from the same easy to use interface” - Douglas Horn,

  • "The Sqrl wallet is the perfect blend of simplicity and power. New users can understand it but you can also perform advanced tasks like changing account keys and running smart contracts like to generate free daily crypto" - Roger Davies,

  • "Sqrl wallet is easy to work with and interacts fast with dex's. Fast updates by devteam" - M1GST4R, Community Member

Did we mention creating an account is FREE?*

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