The SQRL Token

Free CPU. Free NET. VIP Status. Learn about the benefits of being a SQRL token holder.

Today, CPU and NET are a thing of the past.

EOSIO-based chains can become extremely busy. So much so that a simple task such as sending a token can be affected. The SQRL token prevents this from happening to you.

Free Airdrop to Telos Holders

From November 6th through November 9th, 2019, the SQRL token was airdropped on all accounts on the Telos blockchain using a 1:1 ratio. If you held 1000 TLOS, you received 1000 SQRL tokens.

Cover CPU/NET Resources

One of the major benefits of the SQRL token is the ability to use it to pay for CPU and NET resources on your account. One (1) SQRL token allows you to cover enough resources for one (1) transaction.

Become a Sqrl Wallet VIP

You can join one (1) of five (5) Sqrl VIP levels by using SQRL tokens on your account. VIP levels may also be obtained by purchasing a certain number of SQRL tokens.

Earn by Referring Users

In addition to accumulating SQRL tokens by purchasing VIP levels, you can also increase your bag by referring new users to Telos. You and your friends both earn 5-10 new SQRL tokens upon signup.

VIP Levels

Learn about the various VIP levels obtained by consuming SQRL tokens. Levels can also be obtained by directly purchasing the appropriate amount of SQRL.


Noobs are accounts that have used less than 100 SQRL tokens. They cannot unlock certain features in the wallet.

Level 1 VIP - Trader

Accounts obtain Level 1 after consuming between 100 - 249 SQRL tokens. This unlocks the Bancor token swap feature.

Level 2 VIP - Socializer

Accounts obtain Level 2 after consuming between 250 - 499 SQRL tokens. This unlocks all social features in Sqrl.


Level 3 VIP - Telosian

Accounts obtain Level 3 after consuming between 500 - 999 SQRL tokens. This unlocks a hidden, unannounced feature.

Level 4 VIP - Banker

Accounts obtain Level 4 after consuming between 1000 - 9999 SQRL tokens. This unlocks the crypto-to-fiat offramp.

Level 5 VIP - Squirrel

Accounts obtain Level 5 after consuming 10,000 or more SQRL tokens. This level automatically unlocks all wallet features.

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